Escucha el audio nuevamente y verifica las respuestas.




 Does Nicole have a good weekend?  


   Yes, but she is ill now.
   Yes, but she is tired now.
   No, she doesn't.


What did Nicole do on Saturday?


   She hiked in the country.
   She cleaned the house and hiked in the country.   
She cleaned the house and played tennis.
   She cleaned the house and played tennis. 


 What did Nicole do on Sunday?   


  She hiked and studied.
  She cleaned the house and studied.
  She played tennis and studied.


During the weekend, Romel ...


  played golf on the computer and cleaned the house.
  did not clean the house, but played golf on the computer.
  did not play golf on the computer and did not clean the house.


 In the dialogue, “exercise” means ...


  to complete the homework.
  to work out.

  to practice golf.


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