SITUATION: Diana had dinner in a restaurant and then realized she didn't have any money with her. She offered to wash the dishes.

YOU: "I    (not wash) the dishes in the restaurant. 

  (call) a friend to bring me some money".


SITUATION: The teacher borrowed your favorite geography book and spilled coffee all over it.

YOU: "I    (not say) anything, but I'm sure that some of

my classmates    (warn) her not to do it again.



SITUATION: I hit someone's car when I was leaving a parking lot at Jumbo supermarket. Luckily, no one saw me.

YOU: "I    (wait) for the owner to come back, or maybe

  (leave) a note for him or her.


SITUATION: Freddy's aunt gave him a cigarette lighter for his birthday, but he doesn't smoke. So, he gave it back to her.

YOU: "I    (exchange) it for something else, or perhaps

  (tell) her that I'd prefer something else.



SITUATION: A friend of Liza always has messy hair, so she gave him a comb
for his birthday.

YOU: "I    (speak) to him about it. I think that giving him

a comb as a present    (not be) polite.


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