Dear Leandro,

I'm very sorry to hear that you are having a lot of problems with toothache. You should take care of your teeth. You know they have to last you all your life! If I were you, I would pay more attention to my diet. I know you like chocolate, but you'd better eat fewer sweet things. Remember that sugar is bad for your teeth. You ought to eat apples and raw carrots instead.

Do you clean your teeth after every meal? Have you tried using an electric toothbrush? Make sure you brush up and down as well as from side to side.

Why don't you change your dentist? Mr Gomez is very old and doesn't know about modern dental techniques. It's best to go to a dentist who has just qualified. What about asking your cousin Consuelo to recommend someone?

Unless you look / If you don't look after your teeth now, they will all fall out and you won't dare to open your mouth in public or be able to smile at anyone! I suggest you take my advice very seriously.

With love from,

Aunt Maria Inmaculada


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