MARISSA: In my opinion, able-bodied children can learn a lot from being educated with disabled children. The reason for this is simple. One of the most important lessons you learn at school is how to live with people, especially people who may be different from yourself. Disabled children have some obviously different needs from able-bodied children. Let's take just one example - getting around. If you're not disabled, it's hard to understand the problems - doors which are difficult to open, steps in all sorts of inconvenient places, the real difficulties of using public transport. I feel that learning to understand things like this can make able-bodied children become better people.

In Marissa's opinion, able-bodied children ...


A.    can easily understand the problems of the disabled
B.    can learn a lot when educated with disabled children
  can become better people than disabled children

ROBERTO: It may help able-bodied children to go to school with disabled children, but I'm more concerned about whether it helps the disabled children. In fact, I think that their needs are often neglected. I believe that disabled children should be educated at special schools because then they can get the attention they need. Look at facilities, for instance. Ordinary school buildings and classrooms are not designed or equipped for disabled children. In my opinion, only a special school can deal with this.

In Roberto's opinion, disabled children ...


A.    should be educated at ordinary schools
  can't get the attention they need at special schools
  are often disregarded in their needs

MONICA: Yes, able-bodied children can learn from being educated with disabled children. And what do disabled children learn in return? That they have an equal chance in life? Or, that it's an able-bodied world out there? It seems to me that disabled children ought to have both opportunities - going to ordinary schools as well as their own schools. My reasons are that everyone needs to learn how to mix with everyone else, but also that disabled children need special attention and extra help - which they can get at their own schools, maybe one or two days a week.

In Monica's opinion, disabled children ought to ...


A.    mix only with other disabled children
  have double schooling opportunities
  go to ordinary schools with everyone else


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