Cristina Hoyos, undoubtedly    of Spain's most

famous flamenco dancers, is a romantic.

Over thirty years spent travelling    place to

place and living out of a suitcase has not affected her love

of    she calls 'the life of an artist'.


But in fact she feels she has had    choice, because her desire to dance

is so strong.    a child, she would dance to music on the radio. No one 

else in her family danced flamenco professionally, and neither   

many other people in the central Seville neighbourhood in    she grew up.

Shyness at    prevented Cristina from taking up her parents' offer of

sending her to a special dance school, but they finally    to persuade her.

At twenty, she moved to Madrid, where she set out on a dance career which has

  her internationally famous.


  the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, she    chosen

to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies. Both of these were broadcast live

worldwide, giving many sports fans their first taste of real flamenco dancing.

However,    everyone in Spain thinks that she is    best 

example of the style. Her critics say that her dancing is far    smooth and

professional, but they are in the minority. For millions of dance-lovers around the world,

Hoyos    now come to represent the grace, energy and nobility of flamenco.


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