The London Tea Trade Centre is on the north    of the

River Thames. It is  the centre of an industry of    importance

in the    lives of the British. Tea is without   

the British national drink: every man, woman and child over ten

years of age has    average over four cups a day or some 1500

cups annually. Some thirty per cent of the world's exports of tea

makes its    to London. Britain is    the largest

importer of tea in the world.

Samples of the vast amounts of tea brought into the country to 

  the national thirst go to the London Tea Trade Centre,

where they are tasted by    professional tea tasters

before being sold at each week's tea sale. It is fascinating to see

them at  .  Over a hundred samples are    in

a line on long tables. Teas are generally tasted with milk,  

that is how the majority in Britain drink their tea. The tasters move

down the line with surprising  , tasting each sample from

a spoon and deciding what is a    price for each tea.

The types of tea that are popular in Britain are   

inexpensive but they are of a very high quality. The best are delicate 

  of numerous teas from different sources and countries

of origin.


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