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In 1846 an Irish immigrant in New York named Alexander

Stewart opened a business called The Marble Dry-Goods

Palace. By    he gave the world something

completely new – the department store.

Before this, no-one    tried to bring together such a wide range of goods

(1)  a single roof. The business did very  . It expanded rapidly

and soon had    staff of two thousand. For Stewart even that was not

enough,  (2). In 1862 he moved to an eight-storey building nearby, 

(3) he renamed A.T. Stewart's Cast-Iron Palace. It was,   

for many years would remain, the largest shop in the world.


Others followed Stewart's example and soon there were stores    his

in many major cities in the United States. We don't    when people started

calling them 'department stores'. This expression wasn't used in print  (4)

1893, when it appeared in Harper's magazine but the way that it is used there

  it clear that it was already widely understood.


  is certain is that department stores completely changed the shopping

experience for millions of people. They offered not only an enormous range of goods,

  also levels of comfort, luxury and excitement previously unknown to

customers. Almost from the start they had restaurants, toilets and many  (5)

facilities, so    was no need to go elsewhere for anything.

(1)  beneath or underneath are also correct.

(2)  though is also correct.

(3)  that is not correct.

(4)  till or before are also correct.

(5)  extra or additional are also correct; others is not correct.


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