ANSWERS ACTIVITY 36 (at the bottom)



Now you can listen again and check the audio transcription to the second part of the interview where the coffee-taster speaks about the basic kinds of coffee.


I've already mentioned that there are two basic coffee bushes: there's ROBUSTA, which is relatively coarse, woody, earthy sort of taste and there's ARABICA which is much finer, much more aromatic. But coffees do vary also betw - from one country to a, to the next. For instance Kenya coffee tends to be quite acid but it has the most wonderful aromatic fruity note. When you cross the ocean to Colombia the coffees are much er rounder, fuller, richer, er not so acid and not so fresh. Er some people like this acidity, this fresh acidity, and some people much prefer the more balanced roundness of er the Colombian or Costa Ric - Costa Rica tends to be, have a little more acidity and it's lighter type of coffee. Guatemala has its own particular character which is quite difficult to describe which some people like very much. If you go to India, the coffee there is sort of thick and full, it's the, it's the, er it's the Guinness of the, of the coffee world as opposed to a light lager which you'd get from, from er, Costa Rica.

ANSWERS ACTIVITY 36 (answers have been highlighted above)


'the most wonderful aromatic fruity note'


'lighter type of coffee'


'much rounder, fuller, richer'


'the Guinness of the coffee world'


'quite acid'


'a little more acidity'


'thick and full'


'a light lager'


'not so acid and not so fresh'


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