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Choosing the right word

ACTIVITY 71: For each group of sentences (A-to-D), choose the best alternative (word or phrase) from the menus. You can use the same word once only. Then check the answers.


A.  You can't miss him! He's very    - very tall with bright red hair.   

B.  She follows fashion keenly and always wears  clothes.   

C.  She's a rather    little girl to look at, but she has a sweet nature. 

D.  Please don't dress up for my party: just wear something  .


A.  In this photo the actress is    a pair of gloves in her hand. 

B.  He must be crazy - it's snowing and he's only    a T-shirt and shorts. 

C.  After washing and    she came down to breakfast. 

D.  The old man is    his glasses so he can read the newspaper. 


A.  She    a belt to prevent her old suitcase from falling open. 

B.  He    the baby carefully out of the pram.   

C.  She    her dirty suits to the dry-cleaner's before going to work. 

D.  The porter    my case from the train to the taxi on his shoulder.


A.  They're a strange couple: they don't    on anything.   

B.  You look very good in those clothes: they really    you.  

C.  Do you think the colours of this blouse    this skirt?   

D.  My feet are sore - my shoes don't really  .


A.  She makes sure the children have    underwear every day.   

B.  I've never known a doctor who has    handwriting.   

C.  His bathroom may not be very    but at least it's not dirty. 

D.  She thought her son looked very    in his new naval uniform.   


A.  The nurse helped the patient    and get into bed.

B.  Don't    your seat belt until that light goes off.

C.  I can never    the knots in string - I always use scissors.

D.  She helped the child to    the buttons on his shirt.


A.  She's got very    shoulders. She must be a good swimmer.

B.  He's very good-looking, with    black eyes.

C.  Because he was so    he could watch the race over the heads of the crowd.

D.  The director leaned forward, with his fists placed    apart on the table.


A.  Grandma was sitting in her    chair, beside the fire.

B.  The murder suspect is of    height and slim build.

C.  'Clothes' is a subject of    interest: most students are happy to talk about it.

D.  She's the    child in a family of five.


A.  In the street she stopped to stroke a cat, which was quite    of her.

B.    people will consider political ideas like those extreme.

C.  The  15-year-old pupil could easily solve that mathematical problem.

D.  However hard you try to hide your mistake, the facts are  enough.


A.  Those twins are  : it's almost impossible to tell them apart.

B.  Despite improvements, women still do not have    opportunities at work.

C.  We get on well because we have such    tastes.

D.  That couple are surprisingly    in appearance.


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