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Passive forms (II)

ACTIVITY 82: Complete the following article about India choosing from the menus the best passive alternative. Then check the correct answers.


The north of the country    by the

Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world. On the 

east, India    from Burma by

foothills of the Himalayas. The Ganges is geographically

the most important river, and    sacred

by most Indians.

Basically, the year in India can    into three

seasons: hot, wet and cool.

The capital consists of two cities. Old Delhi, which    in 1648 by Shah

Jehan, the Moghul emperor and builder of the Taj Mahal, and New Delhi, which

  by the British as the imperial capital in 1931.

Sixteen official languages and 820 dialects    in India.

Most workers (70%)    on the land, but India is also one of the world's

major industrial powers and recently major efforts    to move Indian

industry into modern 'high tech' areas.

Textiles    all over the world from India.


Passive forms (III)

ACTIVITY 83: Copy/paste this paragraph about the economy of Sweden in the blank space provided and rewrite it putting all the verbs in the passive. Then check the correct answers.

About Sweden Economy

In the south of Sweden farmers grow cereals, potatoes and sugar beet, and rear cattle and pigs. The Swedes exploit the northern forests for their timber. They can export timber products indefinitely because they have managed the forests well and not destroyed them with uncontrolled cutting. They mine iron inside the Arctic Circle. They established the first mines in the 1890s, and the high salaries attracted workers to move to this inhospitable region. But they have recently had to close many mines because of a fall in demand. Competition from developing countries has damaged the once prosperous steel and shipbuilding industries, but industrialists manufacture a variety of profitable goods, including aircraft, cars, domestic equipment and textiles.

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