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Open gap-filling

ACTIVITY 97: Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only ONE word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning [ the ]. Then check the correct answers.


Four groups of peoples - the Australian Aborigines, the Indians

of North and South America, and the Bushmen of South Africa -

are not often considered together, but they have certain things

in common.

First, all four human groups were    original inhabitants of  their part

  the world. (The word aborigine means the people   

were there from the beginning.) However, none thought that the land where they

  belonged to them. On the contrary, they felt that they belonged to the

land. The land    where they lived, along with all the 

creatures of nature.

They were hunters, so they had a detailed knowledge of the natural world around  them.

They knew    animal and part of the landscape, and made stories, dances,

pictures and songs    them.

  people thought it was important to fit into their surroundings. They

took    place beside all other living things, and lived in balance


But then the outsiders arrived and changed everything. At  , the original

inhabitants welcomed the white people,    them to find food and shelter

in the new land. But they soon    that the new people lived by a totally

different set of beliefs. 

  example, unlike the original inhabitants, the newcomers thought that

land was something which could be    by one person or group, not

shared by all.

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