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Wallet rescue

ACTIVITY 99: Your ability to communicate information, ideas and opinions in spoken English is tested in Paper 5. Watch the videoclip below and type your personal comments as if you were talking to your FCE examiner. You must describe what is happening in the video (what the people are doing, where they are, etc). At the bottom, a bilingual glossary will help you cope with this activity. Finally, check your answers.

Amazingly tender in the beginning and with a striking finale, this VISA commercial
is really funny.

(try to retell this story in about 150 to 200 words)





TV commercial: a commercially sponsored ad on television (aviso o comercial de televisión); Visa card: a famous credit card (afamada tarjeta de crédito); at the zoo: at the zoological garden (en el zoo, en el jardín zoológico); drop: let fall (dejar caer); monkey pit: the fossa where monkeys live at the zoo (foso de los simios en un zoo); bends to check: bends his back to see (se inclina para observar); has fallen: has gone (se ha caido); climbs up: goes upward with gradual or continuous progress (se trepa a, sube a); tree branch: any of the main branches arising from the trunk of a tree (rama de un árbol); protection wall: protection barrier (muro de protección); surrounds: envelops (rodea); considerable effort: great effort (gran esfuerzo); extends his arm: stretches his arm (estira su brazo); utter amazement: feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising (absoluto asombro); scream to celebrate: shout in order to celebrate (chillan festejando); wallet rescue: the wallet recovery (el rescate de la billetera); over his shoulder: hanging on his back (al hombro); glances over: examines hastily (echa una última mirada); shocked: astonished (desconcertado); wily monkey: cunning monkey (pícaro mono); swiped: made off with belongings of others (hurtado).


FELICITACIONES !!! Acabas de finalizar la
UNIT 4 - LESSON 16 del OM First Certificate Exam.
Antes de pasar a la siguiente lección, por favor asegúrate de repasar todo lo que has aprendido aquí.


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