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Questionnaire (II)


The health magazine -mentioned on the previous page- also invited Kim Jones (United Kingdom) and Paulo Soares (Brazil) to answer the same questionnaire. Read carefully their accounts of personal health and fitness. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know: you should be able to get the general idea without needing to use your dictionary. You will have to do an activity after reading both accounts.

I get quite a lot of exercise. The tube station is about ten minutes from my flat in Chelsea, so of course I do that walk twice a day, five times a week. Then I go to aerobics two or three times a week. Sometimes I miss a week or two, but I always pick it up again.


Ten years ago I did a lot of exercise. I went to the beach and played football for seven or eight hours. But since I started working and studying at the same time I just haven't had time for that sort of thing. I'm afraid I'm getting fat.



I avoid taking lifts if I can - I'll walk up about four floors. Unfortunately, where I'm working at the moment I'm on the sixth floor, so I have to take the lift. I'm generally very careful about what I eat. I don't eat sugary or fatty foods if I can possibly help it, because of my weight and my teeth. But I don't worry about salty foods much. At home I usually grill rather than fry food. If I'm eating out I never have anything fried, always grilled. I eat fruit every day for lunch: an orange and a banana, and sometimes an apple as well. But one thing that's bad is that I drink an awful lot of coffee, always more than twelve cups a day.
I think I lead quite a healthy life. I don't smoke. I have tried it but I didn't like it. Once in a blue moon I fall asleep in front of the television. I usually wake up looking forward to the day, but at the moment I don't because I don't like the girl I work with. I certainly do at the weekends !!


I like walking, but in Brazil we don't really have the right climate for it, so I usually take buses or taxis. I always walk up stairs rather than take the elevator. It's the only gymnastics I do !!
I know sugary, salty and fatty foods aren't good for me, but I never worry about what I eat. My mother does all the cooking; she usually fries things and hardly ever grills. But I eat lots of fresh fruit every day: apples, oranges, bananas. I love strawberries, but we don't often have them in Santos. Even though I'm Brazilian I don't drink much coffee – just a cup between classes.
I never think about my lifestyle, but I don't think it's unhealthy. I don't smoke because I get bronchitis frequently. At the weekends I don't usually come home until very late: 2 or 3 in the morning. Then I sometimes turn the television on, and immediately fall asleep !!

ACTIVITY 107: Read again both accounts and tick either the YES or NO boxes to see how Kim and Paulo responded to the questionnaire. Then check your answers.





Who is healthier and fitter:
Kim Jones or Paulo Soares?








Do you take some energetic exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week?




Do you usually take the lift rather than walk up two floors? [ Remember: lift (UK) = elevator (US ]




Have you walked at least one and a half kilometres at any time in the last week?




Do you usually fry rather than grill food?




Do you try not to eat too much sugary, salty or fatty food?




Do you eat a piece of fresh fruit every day?




Do you usually drink more than 10 cups of coffee a day?




If NO, is it 3 to 5 cups?




What sort of smoker are you? (Tick one box only)








Never smoked






1 to 10 a day



11 to 20 a day



21 to 40 a day



More than 40 a day





Do you often fall asleep while watching TV?




Do you usually wake up looking forward to
the day?




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