Roxana usually (GO) to the Sports Centre after work, but she often (SPEND) all the time in the coffee bar so she (GET) fit very slowly !!


–  You (WORK) in Barcelona's Hospital this month, aren't you? What you (DO) there, exactly?
–  Well, I (HAVE) a job in the kitchen. Every morning I (GIVE) advice to the cooks about menus for patients with special diets. In the afternoon I (BE) free so I (FINISH) my thesis.


–  You (ENJOY) your meal?
–  Yes, thank you. I normally (NOT EAT) meat, but this stew (TASTE) delicious.


Ximena (STUDY) very hard for her exams next month. As soon as she (WAKE UP), she (OPEN) her books, and she hardly ever (PLAY) basketball now. It (SURPRISE) me because I (KNOW) she (PREFER) sport to school work !! But she (SEEM) happy and healthy.


Dr. Valladares assures that people (BECOME) more and more aware of the health benefits of having regular holidays. The pressures of everyday life (GET) worse and stress-related illnesses (INCREASE).


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