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Healthcall directory (I)



One of the ways you can get medical information in Great Britain or in the United States is by phoning a number in the Healthcall directory. This is usually recorded information provided by the telephone company.

You are going to hear the recorded tape for Taking Exercise - Section 1. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know: you should be able to get the general idea.

At this first step, click on the speaker, relax and just listen for general comprehension. You will have to answer a question after listening to this audio file.


Healthcall directory (I)


ACTIVITY 112: This section of the recorded tape mentions five parts of the body. What do you think these five parts are? Fill in the blanks below with your ideas while you listen again. Then check the answers.


Healthcall directory (I)


Now, listen again while you check the comments with the audio transcription. You will have another activity at the bottom.

Welcome to the Healthcall directory. Your guide to medical information. This tape is about exercise.

Exercise is essential to good health. Not only does it help you to keep slim, but more importantly it gets the heart, lungs and muscles in good trim by stimulating the circulation and encouraging deep breathing. In this context, exercise means any activity involving a fairly high degree of physical movement that makes you breathless and sweaty if you do it vigorously.

Digging in the garden or washing the car could be just as much exercise as a game of squash or an hour of cycling, provided that it's done vigorously enough. Nearly all of us have at least some leisure time each day when we can do some exercise. Half an hour a day is more than enough.

Whatever exercise you do will lead you to breathe more deeply to get more oxygen into your lungs, and your heart must beat harder and faster to pump blood to the muscles. The more you work your muscles, and the larger the number of muscles and joints you use, the greater the physical gain.


Healthcall directory (I)


ACTIVITY 113: Here is a summary of Section 1 of the tape. The information is not all correct. Listen to the tape again and tick the correct information. Then check the answers.


Exercise is good because it ...


A.    helps you to keep slim
B.    stimulates circulation
C.    encourages deep breathing
D.    is good for the heart, lungs, muscles, skin and joints


Exercise ...


A.    is any vigorous physical activity
  stops you feeling breathless and sweaty
  makes you breathless and sweaty
  is any activity to stick to low-salt diets


Recommended amount to be done each day:


A.    at least 1 hour
B.    at least 1 hour and a half
C.    about ½ hour
D.    about an hour and a half





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