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Healthcall directory (II)



Now you are going to hear the recorded tape for Taking Exercise - Section 2. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know: you should be able to get the general idea.

At this first step, click on the speaker, relax and just listen for general comprehension. You will have to do a short activity after listening to this audio file.


Healthcall directory (II)


ACTIVITY 114: You have just listened to Section 2 of the recorded tape. What does the speaker talk about? Choose the best alternative below and then check your answer.

The speaker is talking about ...

A.    Information about the heart and lungs
B.    Advice about starting an exercise programme carefully
C.    Forms of exercise suitable for different people


Healthcall directory (II)


Now, listen again while you check the comments with the audio transcription. You will have another activity at the bottom.

There are, of course, dangers in anyone attempting to rush into exercise after a period in which they've done relatively little activity.

So for the first couple of weeks or so of any exercise programme you should take it particularly easy, so as to avoid strains and muscle tears.

If you're over 40, you should be particularly careful about starting violent exercise for the first time. And if you're over 50, it's best to see your doctor before embarking on anything too energetic for the first time.

Others, such as those who are overweight or heavy smokers, should also be careful before taking up anything too strenuous. And they too would be advised to ask their doctor's advice first. This doesn't mean that you can't do it, just that you have to start carefully.


Healthcall directory (II)


ACTIVITY 115: After listening to Section 2, complete these notes with the information given in the recorded tape. Then check the answers.


Everyone who starts a new programme of exercise should ...



People over 40 ...



Consult your doctor first if you are:









Practising listening comprehension is highly advisable for your First Certificate Exam. The links below provide you with a wide variety of personal comments together with listening activities and online answers:


Excelente práctica de listening y reading comprehension !!! 
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