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Individual sounds


In Paper 5, one of the things students are assessed on is their pronunciation of individual sounds. It is important that students identify which particular sounds they have problems with and work gradually to improve them.

The following nine sentences contain all the different sounds in the English language. Click on the speakers, listen to the audios and repeat the sentences. Make a note of the sounds which caused you particular difficulty and remember to practise them regularly.


Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.





Warm hands, cold heart.





The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.





A sore throat, a hoarse voice and a runny nose? Could be flu.





Five cracked ribs, a fractured hip, a broken leg and a sprained ankle. Ouch!!





How about an injection in your jaw?





Take care, nurse. My shoulder hurts, and I've got earache.





They'd rather use crutches than a wheelchair.





Unusual double vision.




ACTIVITY 122: Here are some phrasal verbs which we use when talking about health. If you are not sure about the meanings of any of them, click here to check in our 1000-phrasal tutorial the meanings of any of these verbs that you are not sure of. Fill each of the blank spaces with one of the phrasal verbs in the box. Then check the correct answers.

clear up

cut down

give up

look after

put on

come out in

get over

go down with

look forward to

take up


It is important to    your health. You should   

bad habits like smoking and drinking. If you have    weight

recently,    on sweets and fatty food, and   

regular exercise.

If you are careless about your health, you may    spots which

take a long time to    or you may    minor

illnesses which take you a long time to  .

But if you remember to take care of your body, you can   

a long and healthy life.

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