What makes someone decide on plastic surgery?

An actor explains: "I take after my father in appearance. His nose is big but mine was huge, and it got me down. I couldn't lead a normal life."

"At school, the other children made jokes about my nose, and I couldn't stand seeing myself in television plays. I thought I looked like a monster !!"

"The nose caused health problems as well: because of its shape, I couldn't breathe properly, and I had a permanent sore throat."

"The doctor suggested I should have an operation. I was nervous but my wife encouraged me. The operation went well, but my whole face ached afterwards and I had two terrible black eyes. I had to keep the bandage on my nose for a while and the   bruises didn't disappear for ages. It was months before I dared return to work."

"But I'm not disappointed in the result. My breathing problems have cleared up and I no longer feel self-conscious or embarrassed about my appearance. I only regret I didn't go into the design of my nose in greater detail. I chose a purely practical nose, but now I would rather have a more beautiful one. Well, I suppose that sounds vain!"


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