Do you read the newspaper while you have breakfast? If you do, then you may/must be a 'lark', or morning type of person. 'Owls', or evening types, tend not to spend much time over breakfast. They have little appetite then, and, because/since/as they are usually late risers, they are short of time anyway.

Around half of the adult population are either morning or evening types; the rest fall somewhere in the middle. There can be up to a twelve hour difference in the time of day when the two types reach the point when they are most alert and mentally at their best/peak.

Larks tend to reach this point in the late morning, while owls reach it around 10 pm. For reasons which/that are unknown, evening types tend to be more adaptable than morning types. For example, evening types can usually cope much better with shiftwork and jet lag, and it is easier for an evening type to become a morning type than the other way round.

Are we born with these differences, or are they just formed by/from habit? We don't really know.


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