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Verbal tense sequences


ACTIVITY 137: Paul Moore would like to spend two months next summer in Buenos Aires, staying with an English family. He wrote a letter to Dr. Omar Burlington, the BA Home Stay Programme Director. Put the verbs in red in the correct tense and make necessary changes. Then check the answers.


Dear Dr. Burlington,

Thank you for your letter
(TELL) me about a host family in Buenos Aires. I should first like to ask you about the Morrison family's neighbourhood before I decide whether to stay with them.

(IMPROVE) my English during my visit is very important to me. (CAN / I) take English classes at the local college, or (HAVE / I) travel into Buenos Aires downtown for this?

I also wonder what kind of activities I
(CAN) do there in my free time. Is there a swimming pool and tennis courts in the park? Are there pubs and discos as well as a cinema? I (KNOW) there is a supermarket on Santa Fe Avenue, but what about fashion boutiques and bookshops?

Finally, I am sure I
(WANT / OFTEN) to go into Buenos Aires downtown. Can you tell me how long it (TAKE) on the underground, whether it is expensive and whether I (CAN) return home late at night?

Thank you for help. I look forward to
(HEAR) from you.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Moore


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