I next  (COME) to a low-ceilinged outer room where some students  / (PHOTOGRAPH) three huge jars which the archaeologists  (DIG UP) recently. I  (CROSS) this room, and  (ENTER) the Throne Room itself.

It  (BE) rectangular in shape, and surprisingly small. On the wall opposite, a Minoan artist  (PAINT) two magnificent griffins, lion-like animals with the heads of eagles. Between the griffins, the oldest throne in the world still  (STAND), the throne of King Minos himself!

On each side of the Throne there  (BE) low stone benches with room for up to 16 people. Here the King  (SIT) with his advisers to discuss important affairs of state. In front of the Throne, broad steps  (LEAD) down to a deep basin set in the floor. Here people  (WASH) themselves ceremonially.

I  (TRY) to imagine what life must have been like at that time when a crowd of noisy tourists  (COME) in behind me. So I  (TURN) and  (GO) out again into the bright sunlight.


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