My garden at Crampton Fields is less than 70 years old. However, several important features had been allowed to fall into a very bad condition by the time I bought the property. My first task has been to repair these features.

It had become difficult to reach the places in the garden with the best views because so many paths were in such poor condition. The Italian formal garden, for example, has always attracted / interested many visitors, and as a result its paths were in a terrible state. But hundreds of metres of paths have recently been repaired.

We have also done a lot of work on many of the garden's wooden buildings. A major job was to completely rebuild the roof of the Japanese summer house. We also moved the greenhouses to a more practical location. Work like this is essential before you can get on with the real business of gardening.

I am not sure if / whether the visitors realise how much work of this nature / kind / sort / type is necessary. But I am thoroughly enjoying the job of returning the garden to its former glory.


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