Reporting changes (pronouns, verbal tenses, pointer words, etc.) have been typed in capitals.


"Women are much safer because they're much more cautious," said Lynne Christian.

Lynne Christian said that...


"Women pull out in front of other cars and slow down all the traffic," said Paul Bedworth.

Paul Bedworth said that ...


"Women have to carry the children," Ada Smith explained.

Ada Smith explained that ...


"It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman," replied Simon Welsh. "But there's been no trouble with the girls I've known."

Simon Welsh replied that ...


"When I'm doing deliveries and there's a woman trying to reverse into a parking space up ahead, all the traffic is slowed up and I'm late. They don't know how to control a car," complained Frank Symondson.

Frank Symondson complained that ...


"I had an accident yesterday. I was slowing down at a zebra crossing and a lorry hit me in the back!"

She said ...


"I can't drive. My mother won't teach me but my sister may give me lessons next summer."

She told ...


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