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Motoring (I)


Many radio programmes or stations usually give useful information for drivers (traffic reports, advertisements, news stories, etc.). You will hear now five audio files. At this first step, just listen for general comprehension. You are going to do an activity after listening. Please, do not skip any audio file and listen to them in the order they are displayed.


audio 1


audio 2


audio 3


audio 4


audio 5


Listening: type and content


ACTIVITY 165: Now, after listening to files 1-to-5, tick the correct alternatives to specify what type of audio it is (TYPE) and what the audio is about (CONTENT). Then check the answers.









Traffic report




News story






M11 traffic to Cambridge can expect delays.


Special Renault deals this month.


Crash blocks A604.


New research is planned for Britain.


Special deals on spare parts.


Motoring (II)


Now, listen again the five audio files while you check the transcriptions.

A K Eldon, now you're on the right road for Renault ...

And this month you'll be on the right road for an extra special Renault deal when you head for A K Eldon because this month we have special offers on family Renaults, the Renault 21 Saloon and the 21 Savannah Estate. Get into A K Eldon and get the whole family into Renault.

Now you're on the right road with A K Eldon ...

Visit A K Eldon for Renault at Norland Road, Walthamstow.


And now a story which should fascinate everyone: the car which runs on water. It was announced today that a Dr Walter Billings of Kansas hopes to work in Britain on the development of the water-powered car. The idea is not new: it was first outlined by a British scientist, Sir William Grove in 1839, in his work on batteries.

So far, the costs of obtaining the necessary power have been astronomic. But Dr Billings believes that eventually there could be a car which costs just 1p a kilometre to run. For a 500 kilometre journey, you would need just 10 litres of water.

Crazy dream or the shape of things to come? Remember: you first heard it on Fidelity Radio !!


Travel News now: Paul Fowles at the AA.

Good morning, we've just had word of an accident which is currently occupying part of the northbound carriageway of the M11 around Junction 10 near Duxford. Long delays for traffic heading towards Cambridge. That's the M11 at Junction 10 near Duxford, northbound traffic heading for Cambridge being delayed by an accident. Other major routes are flowing well, and the A1 and the A11 are trouble free at the moment.


Ring Taylor and Canning.

To avoid the misery of winter motoring, Taylor and Canning, the people who care for safety, thoroughly recommend you check the tyres, exhaust and battery on your car. And if they need replacing they can offer fantastic savings plus a twelve-month guarantee on exhaust systems.

Taylor and Canning: competitive prices and reliable motoring. They'll see you through the winter.

Ring Taylor and Canning. Ring Camberley 60484.


► Traffic ground to a halt on the Huntingdon bypass this morning after a collision between two heavy goods vehicles and a van. Two lanes of the eastbound carriageway of the A604 at Godwinchester were stationary after the smash involving a tanker carrying agricultural chemicals, a 38-ton articulated lorry loaded with wood and an Electricity Board van.

The driver of the van had to be cut from his vehicle and was taken to Hitchinbrooke Hospital for a checkup, but later released. The other two drivers were unhurt.


Listening: type and content



ACTIVITY 166: Now, click on the speaker to the right and listen to audio file # 5 again. Then -without reading the transcription above- try to fill each gap in these notes about this story with ONE, or at most TWO, words. Finally, check your answers.

Collision between   heavy goods vehicles and a van on the A604 at Godwinchester.

Heavy goods vehicles: a tanker carrying agricultural   and a 38-ton lorry loaded with  .

Driver of the   taken to hospital for a  .

seriously injured.



Muy buena práctica de listening !!! 
En la próxima página Mr. Grammar explicará REPORTED STATEMENTS ...


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