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A letter to a friend (II)


Now, imagine you have the following eight reasons for writing to a friend. In the blank spaces provided, write one or two sentences to introduce each reason. Please, do not skip any of the reasons as this is an examination topic. Then check the example answers on an individual basis, that is, one after the other.

ACTIVITY 178: You want to tell your friend about your plans to go round Europe by train.

ACTIVITY 179: You want to invite your friend to go on a coach trip to the birthplace of a famous person.

ACTIVITY 180: You want to accept your friend's offer of a lift to the coast at the weekend.

ACTIVITY 181: You want to refuse, with regret, your friend's invitation to spend the weekend on his or her yacht.

ACTIVITY 182: You want to thank your friend for the bicycle bell he or she gave you for your birthday.

ACTIVITY 183: You want to apologise to your friend for losing his or her motorcycle crash helmet.

ACTIVITY 184: You want to ask your friend to meet your grandmother at the airport.

ACTIVITY 185: You want to give your foreign friend advice on the cheapest way to travel round your country.

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