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Phrasal verbs

These phrasal verbs are frequently used in tourism:

call off

check in

draw out

get away

hang about

make for

pick up

run into

run over

see off

set out

stop over

take off

turn back

ACTIVITY 189: Replace the words in brackets with a phrasal verb, in the correct form, from the box above. Use a different phrasal verb each time and be careful where you put the object of the phrasal verb. Click here to check in our Phrasal Tutorial the meanings of any of these verbs that you are not sure of, and learn the ones that are new for you. Finally check the answers.



Before     (beginning your journey), make sure you have all the necessary travel documents with you. You do not want to     (return home) when you are halfway to the station because you have forgotten your passport, and then reach the station just as your train is     (leaving). Some friends of mine had to     (cancel) their holiday after making that mistake !!


It is always pleasant if friends give you a lift to the airport or railway station and     (say goodbye to you there). But if you want to be sure of     (leaving) on time, it is better to ask a taxi to     (collect you).


If you are driving abroad, be even more careful than usual on the road. If you accidentally  (crash into) another car, or  (hit) a pedestrian, it will ruin your holiday !!


Air passengers must be prepared to     (wait doing nothing) at airports. You usually have to     (register) about two hours before the plane     (leaves the ground).


If you are     (aiming at) a distant destination, Hong Kong for example, it is exciting to     (break your journey) for a few days somewhere on the way, like Delhi.


Choosing the right word

ACTIVITY 190: For each group of sentences (A-to-D), choose the best alternative (noun or verb) from the menus. You can use the same word once only. Then check the answers.


A.  If you want to turn off this road soon, get into the inside 

B.  If you don't want to be hit by a car, walk on the    not the road.

C.  A large road specially built for fast travel over long distances is called a

D.  Can you tell me the quickest    to the station?


A.  I'll meet you off your train at the entrance to  .

B.  Our train stopped at a small country    half an hour out of the city.

C.  From our hotel room we had a magnificent view of the    and the open
      sea beyond.

D.  The sailors left their boat tied to the    and went into the town to explore.


A.  John's not here. He's gone to    a friend of his from the airport.

B.  The rider got off her horse to    the animal across the busy road.

C.  In the nineteenth century a young woman did not normally go out alone: an older woman
      would usually 

D.  Whenever he goes abroad on business, he always remembers to 
back something for his children.


A.  The university biology department is organising a big    to the Amazon

B.  When I retire I'm going on a world    visiting every continent.

C.  In the old days the sea    from London to India took months.

D.  When they got back from their    to Florida they both had a wonderful


A.  A popular activity for tourists at the Pyramids is to go for a    on a

B.  My grandmother is recovering from her illness: yesterday I took her for a short 
  in the country.

C.  The hotel organises a special    round the island for its guests.

D.  In these days of air    it is unusual to go round the world by boat.


A.  When they    at the hotel, they immediately went to bed.

B.  Turn left after you've    to the church.

C.  They    the bus shelter just as it started to pour with rain.

D.  When he    the pub, the customers fell silent and turned to look at him.

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