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ACTIVITY 194: Your ability to communicate information, ideas and opinions in spoken English is tested in Paper 5. Watch the videoclip below and type your personal comments as if you were talking to your FCE examiner. You must describe what is happening in the video (what the people are doing, where they are, etc). At the bottom, a bilingual glossary will help you cope with this activity. Finally, check your answers.

NOTE: In part three of the Speaking component two candidates do a task together usually talking about a set of photographs. Eventually, if the pictures involve people talking, they may be asked to set up their dialogue.

You are going to watch now a videoclip spoken in a foreign language that you will not probably understand. The purpose of this activity is that you "imagine" their conversation.


Passport verification by
a custom officer in Israel

Click on PLAY / Pulsa en REPRODUCIR
If you cannot open the video, please click here.

(try to retell this story in about 100 to 150 words)





terrorism control: control of the use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain political, religious or ideological goals (control del terrorismo); original language translation: version in another language of the original (traducción de la lengua de origen); the conversation seems to go like this: the conversation looks like this (la conversación es más o menos así); you don't look like: you don't have a physical resemblance to (usted no se parece a); wear glasses: wear spectacles (usar anteojos, gafas); sunglasses: dark glasses, spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun (anteojos o gafas para el sol); nope: Indicates a quick negative response (negación cortante, seca); stick-on moustache: false moustache, not real moustache (bigote autoadhesivo, falso o artificial); not enough: not sufficient to meet a purpose (no alcanza, no es suficiente); Palestinian turban: a turban worn by Palestinians (turbante palestino); turban: traditional Muslim consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head (turbante musulmán); closer: nearer (se acerca más, se aproxima); bending down: bending one's back forward from the waist (agachándose, inclinándose); gun: weapon (arma de fuego); seal a passport: affix a seal on a passport (sellar un pasaporte); welcome to Israel: feel as a guest in Israel (bienvenido a Israel).


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