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The news - Part 4a



Read below the opening of this news item about HUMAN INTEREST which has been taken from a newspaper. You are going to listen to Clara Mendez -a newsreader from a local radio in London- broadcasting the full news. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know: you should be able to get the general idea.

At this first step, click on the speaker, relax and just listen for general comprehension while you read the opening news:

NOTE: The Victoria Cross is the most highly prized of British medals given for bravery in war. The Zeppelin was a huge cigar-shaped airship invented in Germany at the beginnings of the 20th century. About 40 of them were shot down in the First World War during air raids over London.


The news - Part 4b


Now, listen again while you check Clara Mendez' comments with the audio transcription. You will have to do an activity after listening and reading.

The bravery of a First World War flying ace has just raised £90,000 to help sick children. It's the price paid at a charity auction for a Victoria Cross, awarded to Lieutenant George Hamilton, an airman who shot down a Zeppelin.

Jack Marshall reports:

JACK MARSHALL: Lieutenant Hamilton shot down the huge airship as it bombed London in 1916 and overnight he became a national hero. His granddaughter Mrs Shirley Pelham:

SHIRLEY PELHAM: He was a pop star of the First World War for heaven's sake !!

JACK MARSHALL: Today she put his Victoria Cross up for auction to fund a new children's charity called 'A Medal For Children'. And she's delighted with the outcome.

AUCTIONEER: Sold. For £90,000.

SHIRLEY PELHAM: It's the challenge again, the sort of thing my grandfather would have gone for, you see. He was a great man for challenges.

JACK MARSHALL: The money will pay for holidays for children with leukaemia and for research into better treatment.

Jack Marshall, Independent News at Christie's in central London.



The news - Part 4c



ACTIVITY 200: Listen again to the news and answer these questions. In question # 2,  if the answer is FALSE, correct any mistakes you find. Then check the answers.


Where and when was the Zeppelin shot down?


A.    over London, in 1916
B.    over London, in 1915
C.    in London, 1916 overnight


A war medal has been sold to raise money for a charity for old people.


A.    TRUE

Una auténtica obra de caridad por parte de la nieta de Hamilton !!! 
En la próxima página finalizarás esta serie de prácticas de lecto-comprensión ...


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