Chernobyl's Nuclear Reactor No. 4 blew up at 1.24 am on April 26, 1986.   that night none of the local villagers had dreamt there was any danger from the power plant, and even    the explosion they did not realise how serious the situation was. 'We decided to carry on as normal', says Petr Remezenko. '  we regretted that decision'.

  a cloud of radioactive dust was spreading over Scandinavia and central and eastern Europe, the Remezenko family were digging potatoes in their garden, almost in the shadow of the blazing reactor.

However, the authorities    started to evacuate the entire area within a radius of 30 km of the plant. Families were asked to take in evacuees    permanent accommodation could be found for them.    urgent plans were made to build replacement homes.

The number of people who died as a result of the accident was    very small, but who knows what the long-term effects on present and future generations will be?


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