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ACTIVITY 227: Your ability to communicate information, ideas and opinions in spoken English is tested in Paper 5. Watch the videoclip below and type your personal comments as if you were talking to your FCE examiner. You must summarize what is being said in the video. At the bottom, a bilingual glossary will help you cope with this activity. Finally, check your answers and the full transcription of the video. This video comes to you by courtesy of Videonet.

A journey from old
to modern multimedia

(try to summarize what is being said in the video in about 100 to 150 words)





technology moves forward: technology goes ahead (la tecnología avanza); nowadays affordable: low-cost today (hoy día accesible, de bajo costo); size-reduced: reduced in size (de tamaño reducido); recorders: equipment for making records (grabadoras); to handwrite: to write by hand (manuscritas, escritas a mano); up to the moment: up to now, so far (hasta la fecha); digital recording: making recordings digitally (grabación digitalizada); better-resolution cameras: more accurate cameras (cámaras de mayor resolución); VTRs: video tape recorders (videograbadoras); unthinkable: inconceivable (inconcebible, impen-sable); due to restrictions: due to limitations (debido a las limitaciones); being resolved: being brought to an end (están resolviéndose); turns up: appears, becomes visible (surge, aparece); eager to show: anxious to show (impacientes por mostrar); to achieve it: to accomplish it (para lograrlo, para alcanzarlo); worldwide: all over the world (en todo el mundo); sixth grandson: sixth male grandchild (sexto nieto); can be hired: can be rented (puede alquilarse, contratarse); for longer periods: for more extended lapses (for períodos más extensos); if you already own: if you already have (si usted ya posee); to link: to connect (conectar, enlazar); server: a computer that provides client stations with access to files (servidor); to be watched: to be seen (para ser visto); all the know-how: all the technical knowledge and skill required to do something (todo el conocimiento y experiencia); demands: requires (exige, requiere); you don’t have still: (aún no tiene, aún no cuenta con); 30-year experience: an experience of 30 years (una experiencia de 30 años); follow-up steps: examination procedures (etapas o procedimeintos de seguimiento); compress: compact, reduce (comprimir); host it: upload it (alojarlo, subirlo); by means of a password: through a password (por medio de una contraseña); the service hired: the service rented (el servicio contratado); we will be honored to have you: it will be a pleasure to have you (estaremos honrados de contar con usted); pricing: quotation (cotización)


CONGRATULATIONS !!! You have finished
UNIT 8 - LESSON 32 at OM Personal First Certificate.
Before moving on to next lesson, please remember
to revise everything you have learnt here.


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