A.  I hated the job so much that I    one day and never went back again.

B.  The manager    the clerk for stealing money from the safe.

C.  Because there were no more orders, the factory    a third of the work

D.  When my grandfather    he was given a large clock by his company.


A.  The motorist had to pay a    for parking her car on a double yellow line.

B.  There is no    for repairs on this washing machine during the first year
      of use.

C.  I haven't joined that sports club because the entrance    is so high.

D.  At Christmas the air    from here to New York is raised by about 15%.



A.  They arranged a    with the bank to help them start a new business.

B.  Before you sign the  , get it checked by a lawyer.

C.  The gambler promised that when he won, he would repay his  .

D.  When the businessman found his wallet was gone, he immediately reported the
  to the police.


A.  I'm not going on holiday this year: I can't    for it.

B.  The film star decided to    her jewellery for $100,000.

C.  The manager can't    the time to see you: she's very busy.

D.  When I go to the races, I only    a small amount of money on the horses.


A.  Murder is generally considered the most serious  .

B.  The foreign resident committed the    of not reporting to the immigration

C.  It was his own    that his company went bankrupt.

D.  We made the    of leaving the kitchen window open when we went out.


A.  I don't want to play cards with you again - you    last time.

B.  That actress has always    about her age.

C.  The old woman was    by the criminal into giving him all her savings.

D.  He    his wife with lies about his business trips abroad.


A.  The suspect protested his    but no one believed him and he
      was arrested.

B.  If you admit your    you will get a reduced sentence.

C.  Checking the doors are locked is the security manager's  .

D.  She's quite brave: she took the    for her schoolfriend's action
      and was punished.


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