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Coming elections

ACTIVITY 257: Your ability to communicate information, ideas and opinions in spoken English is tested in Paper 5 and the correct use of reported speech is essential for your examination.

Watch the videoclip below and type your personal comments as if you were talking to your FCE examiner. You must report what is being said in the video. At the bottom, a bilingual glossary will help you cope with this activity. Finally, check your answers with the video transcription.

As Americans say: 'Choosing a politician
isn't that easy!'

(try to report this conversation in about 150 to 180 words)





eligible: qualified for voting (calificado o capacitado para votar); to vote for someone: to choose a candidate, to support someone in an election (votar); electoral roll: list of names (lista electoral); who to vote for: someone to vote for (por quien votar); funny that, isn't it?: It is funny, isn't it? (es gracioso , no?); seemed to know: looked like knowing (parecían saber distinguir); to matter so much: to be of great importance (ser tan importante, tener tanta importancia); money markets: financial markets where currency is bought and sold (mercados financieros); multinationals: companies or corporations operating in several nations (empresas multinacionales); according to: in agreement with (de acuerdo con, a juzgar por); opinion polls: survey of people’s attitudes (compulsas, encuestas de opinión); record abstention: not using one’s vote (abstinencia electoral); unemployment: out of work, not having a job (desempleo); politicians: statesmen (políticos); decent job: position of enough income to meet a purpose (puesto de trabajo con ingresos razonables); to doubt: to lack confidence in or be unsure about (tener grandes dudas); job prospects: job expectations, the possibility of future better positions and success (expectativas laborales futuras).


CONGRATULATIONS !!! You have finished
UNIT 9 - LESSON 36 at OM Personal First Certificate.
Before moving on to next lesson, please remember
to revise everything you have learnt here.


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