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A typical day

ACTIVITY 287: Your ability to communicate information, ideas and opinions in spoken English is tested in Paper 5 and the correct use of reported speech is essential for your examination.

Watch the videoclip below and type your personal comments as if you were talking to your FCE examiner. You must report what is being said in the video. At the bottom, a bilingual glossary will help you cope with this activity. Finally, check your answers with the video transcription.

Not only boring and exhausting, but also dangerous.

(try to report this conversation in about 150 to 180 words)





factory fishing boat: a ship equipped to process fishing products at sea (buque pesquero factoría); monotonous: tediously repetitious or lacking in variety (monótono); exhausting: having a debilitating effect (agotador, extenuante); typical day: routine day (día típico, rutinario); 12-hour shifts: duty periods of 12 hours each (turnos de trabajo de 12 horas); no alcohol: drinking alcohol was not allowed (prohibido beber alcohol); no gambling: card-playing for money was not allowed (prohibido apostar o jugar por dinero); I used to: my habit was (yo solía, yo acostumbraba a); tiring: producing exhaustion (cansador, agotador, extenuante); boring: tiresome, lacking in interest and causing mental weariness (aburridor); packing area: section where fish products are kept into containers (sección empaque); to quit: to give up a job (renunciar a un puesto de trabajo); injured: I became bodily hurt (me lastimé, dañé); back: posterior part of a human (or animal) body (espaldas); machinery: machine system (maquinaria); to haul in: to pull in something with great effort (empujar hacia adentro con gran esfuerzo); the catch: a fastener that fastens or locks a door or window (el cerrojo del container); to avoid: to keep away from doing something (evitar hacer algo); putting strain: tension, making an effort (hacer fuerza, esforzar).


CONGRATULATIONS !!! You have finished
UNIT 10 - LESSON 40 at OM Personal First Certificate.
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