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Agreeing and disagreeing (I)

ACTIVITY 290: You are going to listen to four short extracts from a conversation between two 'couch potatoes' as they look at a sports magazine. (A 'couch potato' is someone who spends a lot of time sitting down on a couch, often in front of the TV. He or she is likely to be overweight and unfit).

Which of the sports mentioned in the menus do they discuss? At this first step, just listen for general comprehension, so don't worry if you don't understand every word they are saying. Listen each audio file carefully and choose the most suitable sport from the menus. Then check your answers.

For your comfort, the four sports involved in the conversation are explained here:


the sport of shooting arrows with a bow


riding a bobsled or long racing sled, usually for two or more people, with a steering mechanism.


an athletic competition that involves diving into water, a headlong plunge into water.


the sport of exercising by lifting weights.
















Agreeing and disagreeing (II)


Now, listen again while you check their comments with the audio transcriptions.

MAN: As far as I can see, all you have to do is get into the thing at the top of the mountain, lie back and let it take you back down as quickly as possible. I don't think there's any great skill in that.
WOMAN: Nor do I. But who knows - there must be something to it - like how you and your partner lie, where you put your weight, how you lean into corners, stuff like that. It wouldn't be an Olympic sport if it was so easy, would it?


WOMAN: Here's one that's a bit better. You need a good body for this, don't you? When they make hardly any splash at all, just cutting through the water like a hot knife through butter, I like that, I think it's good.
MAN: I don't. All you have to do is lean over, hold yourself in a straight line and everything else happens automatically. There's nothing physically difficult about that, is there?
WOMAN: Oh, come on! I'd like to see you do it – without emptying the pool of water.


MAN: This is one I really can't see the point of – one very large man trying to hold two very large lumps of metal over his head. I don't think there could be anything less interesting than that, do you?
WOMAN: Oh, I do. Certainly. Have you ever tried to stay awake during the darts?
MAN: Rubbish!! Darts is positively thrilling compared to watching fat men go red in the face, and drop lead weights on their feet. Anyone can do that, can't they?
WOMAN: Well, you're right that it doesn't seem to require a lot of skill. But I still like watching it.


WOMAN: This I like a bit more. I think you need a good eye for this.
MAN: So do I. I'm sure it's difficult, holding still like they have to. But it's not really a sport, is it?
WOMAN: Oh, I don't know. It's competitive, challenging, skilful, you need special equipment.
MAN: I suppose so.
WOMAN: In the old days, maybe it wasn't a sport. I mean, it was more a matter of survival then, wasn't it?
MAN: Exactly. Like where your next meal was coming from.
WOMAN: Talking of which, I think it's time for a snack.
MAN: Me too. Shall I see what's in the fridge?


Has tenido una excelente práctica !!!
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