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Sporting life (I)

ACTIVITY 292: You are going to listen to five people talking about different aspects of sport. What is he or she doing? Listen to each audio file carefully and choose the best alternative from the menus. There is one extra comment which you do not need to use. Then check your answers.



















Sporting life (II)


Now, listen again while you check their comments with the audio transcriptions.

MAN: I'm afraid it's a case of 'practice makes perfect'. There's no way to avoid it!! I joined up with my coach when I was 12 and had tennis lessons every day. Keeping going can be tough, but I knew it was the only way to get better. It worked too because by the time I was 14 I was the best player in the country. And that meant that I had the chance one day to play the best in the world.


WOMAN: For those of you who want to maintain fitness in today's busy world it's quite simple really: you just need to make sure that you look after yourself in all areas of your life. This means doing some form of exercise, preferably a sport, on a regular basis, as well as eating well and regularly, making sure you have a relaxing half hour at some point during the day - and going to bed early!!


MAN: The hardest thing for me has been coping with all the injuries. It started when I was 19 and hurt my back. Since then I've injured my knee, damaged my heel and had a back operation. It's so frustrating not being able to run and it's hard to keep making comebacks. I've only been back for seven months and I've hurt my knee again.


WOMAN: We at the Department of Health are worried about the health and fitness of children today. A recent survey has shown that children are not taking enough exercise, which means that when they grow up they are more likely to have problems with their health. This will cost the whole country money, so it's in everyone's benefit that we get each and every child interested in a sport.


MAN: You may think football violence is a modern problem but in fact it's over 600 years old. Back in the 14th century, being on the losing team could not only put you in a bad mood but in fear of your life. After his side lost against a team of students from Oxford, a young man, known only as Adam from Salisbury, was actually killed by angry supporters!!


Muy interesantes las explicaciones y los audios !!!
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