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A report

ACTIVITY 300: Whatever your occupation, you may be asked to write a report about something you know well so that other people can learn from your experience. Look at the following example.

A teacher from Wilkinson School wanted to encourage her students to take up a variety of different hobbies. So she asked each of her friends to write a report for the students about his or her hobby, describing what a beginner needed to know.

This is one of the reports, but headings (A-to-E) have been left out. Read the report and choose an appropriate heading from the menus. There are 5 extra headings you do not need to use. Then check the answers.

TOPIC: Photography



All you need is a camera and some film. It's not worth investing in your own developing and printing materials.





A cheap, simple camera (about US$60) can take excellent pictures. When you are used to handling that, save up for one with a range of lenses (about US$600). Buying and developing films can be expensive, so look out for shops with bargain prices.





The best method is to take a lot of photographs, study them critically and learn from your mistakes. If you want some professional advice, borrow a book from the library.





The market in the High Street offers many interesting subjects for your camera; and there's always something interesting to snap in Lloyd Park, from migrating birds to a roller skating accident. You can meet other photographers by joining the Essex Camera Club.





This is a creative hobby which will teach you to observe the world around you. But be careful not to spend all your time and money on it !!



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