ANNIE OAKLEY (1860-1926)

Also known as 'The Girl of the Western Plains' and 'Lady Sure Shot', Annie Oakley was one of the best shots of all time. She was born in Ohio, where she shot wild animals and birds to help her family pay / repay their debts. By the time she was 12 she could hit anything that / which moved, though she did not learn to read until / till / before her husband taught her.

In  her teens she won a shooting match in Cincinnati against the well-known Frank E. Butler. They were later married and toured the circuses and music halls before joining Buffalo Bill's Show in 1885.

Audiences loved Annie and she was soon a huge star. Her skill was extraordinary. She could hit a playing card at 10 metres end on, or knock the ash off / from a cigarette held in her husband's lips, or anyone / anybody else's; she performed / did the same trick in Berlin on Crown Prince William of Germany. Annie could shoot the flames off a spinning wheel of candles, and even perform when lying on / along / across the back of a galloping horse.

Mrs. Oakley is remembered by millions today as the subject of one of the great post-war Broadway musicals, Irving Berlin's 'Annie Get Your Gun'.


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