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A portable computer (III)


ACTIVITY 342: Now, without checking the transcription below, listen to MESSAGE # 3 and try to complete the notes that the listener to this message has made. Then check your answers.



Phone number:

Date of complaint: 18 February

Date of purchase:

Computer fault: Doesn't work.

Screen message:

The customer has tried switching on and off.

He definitely hasn't .

He has looked in .

Urgent because .


Now listen to MESSAGE # 3 again while checking the audio transcription.

TECHNOLOGY CENTRE: Technology Centre. Thank you for calling. I'm sorry none of our staff is available to take your call right now. Please phone back between business hours, that's 9 to 5.30, Monday to Saturday, or leave a message after the tone. (Tone sound)

DAVID: It is business hours, it's 9.15 on Monday morning, 18th February, so I don't know why nobody's there. Anyway, my name's David Friel, that's F R I E L. My phone number is 081 497 7782, and I'd like someone to phone me back immediately. This is very urgent. Um I bought a portable computer from you last Saturday, February 16th. It's a Peony 386SX. The problem is I can't make it work. All I can get is a message on the screen which says: 'Error reading: Hard disk'. What does that mean? 'Error reading: Hard disk'? I've tried switching it on and off several times, but I always end up with the same message. I've treated it very carefully, and I certainly haven't dropped it, so I don't want to be told it's my fault. It worked all right when I tested it in the shop. The sales assistant persuaded me to buy the more expensive model because he said it was more reliable! He also told me to look in the instructions manual if I had any difficulties. And I must say I find the manual very inferior, and it certainly has nothing to say about this problem. The sales assistant also promised to give me 'comprehensive after-sales help and service'. So I'd like some of that now, please. It's essential for me to sort out this problem today – I'm leaving the country at the end of the week. My phone number is 081 497 7782. Thank you.



Mmm me parece que esta compra va  a traerle muchos problemas a David... 
En la próxima página finaliza esta serie de listenings para First Certificate ...


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