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A portable computer (IV)


ACTIVITY 343: Now, without checking the transcription below, listen to MESSAGE # 4 and try to complete the notes that the listener to this message has made. Then check your answers.



Additional complaint:

He says he's going to write to:


Now listen to MESSAGE # 4 again while checking the audio transcription.

TECHNOLOGY CENTRE: Technology Centre. Thank you for calling. I'm sorry none of our staff is available to take your call right now. Please phone back between business hours, that's 9 to 5.30, Monday to Saturday, or leave a message after the tone. (Tone sound)

DAVID: This is David Friel yet again. Look, this is the fifth time I've phoned you today, and all I get is your telephone answering machine. You seem to have forgotten your responsibilities to your customers. I must say I think this is a very poor way to run a business. Will someone please phone me back immediately: 081 497 7782. I'm going to write to your managing director to complain about this appalling service.


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