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Choosing the right word

ACTIVITY 386: For each group of sentences (A-to-D), choose the best verbal alternative from the menus. You can use the same word once only. Then check the answers.


A.  Air    is a major worry for city living parents.

B.  Don't drop paper in the streets: take your    home with you.

C.  The local paper factory used to pump its    straight into the river.

D.  Take your shoes off: I don't want any    in the house!!


A.  The dog    when it heard strange footsteps approaching the house.

B.  The pigs    happily as they searched for food under the trees.

C.  The mouse    with fear as the cat jumped on it.

D.  The snake    a warning as the curious child came too close.


A.  Many scientists now believe human activities are seriously    with
       the environment.

B.  She gets very upset when she sees people    animals.

C.  The landowner tried    the journalists by showing them only the
      untouched part of his forest.

D.  There are ways of    forests without destroying them.


A.  If you buy a dog, you'll have to train it to    your commands.

B.  We borrowed money to buy that horse. Now we    the bank £5,000.

C.  Company reports usually    unpleasant information, such as the damage
       they cause the environment.

D.  The Government plans to    companies to clean up any pollution they cause.


A.  He    his life trying to protect the deer from the hunters.

B.  Only the experienced snake-hunter    to follow the python into the cave.

C.  The scientists    on the local people to show them where the gorillas lived.

D.  After international criticism, the government    the law and stopped the
       trade in endangered species.


A.  The villagers    on this well for their water.

B.  They    they will replace the machine if it breaks down in the first year
      of use.

C.  The department can only    projects when there are enough funds.

D.  The government must    that people are not harmed by the effects of
      its nuclear tests.

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