If necessary, listen to the audio once again.





From this program we learn that President Kennedy ...


A.    came from a famous political family.
B.    was the youngest president of the USA.
C.    had a son and a daughter.


We also learn that the President was in Dallas because ...


A.    was on his way to meet his wife.
B.    lived there.
C.    was making an official visit.


What do we learn about the President's death?


A.    He died instantly..
B.    No one knows who killed him.
C.    He was shot twice by one person.


What do we learn about Lee Harvey Oswald?


A.    He denied killing the President.
B.    He was shot when he was arrested.
C.    He was found guilty of killing the President.


Why was this news item included in the radio programme?


A.    to show the style of earlier news reporting
B.    to explain the importance of the assassination
  to look back on an important event in modern history

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