What are Victor and Brian going to do first?  


   They are going to have dinner at a good restaurant.
   They are going to go to class.
   They are going to stay at Victor ´s house.

   They have no plans.


 Victor ...  


   doesn't feel sad.
   is going to feel sad.
   is feeling sad.


 Why does Victor decide to go to class?   


  Because otherwise Brian is going to go to class alone.
  Because Brian told him to go out for dinner after class.
  Because he started feeling better.


Why does Victor feel better at the end?


   Because Brian convinces him to go to class and it makes him feel better.
   Because they are going to have dinner after class.
   Because Brian is a very good friend.
   Because the class is going to be interesting.


Which one of the following statements is correct?


  I'm go to go to class.
  I going to go to class.

  I'm going to class.


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