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Not once in my life, living I always have in one of England's few truly mountainous areas widely renowned its wild beauty, I imagine that news the outside world would easily shake or concern me – but this did. I am an easy-going, good-natured fellow heart, and one not lightly moved, the pronouncement by the world's media that of my fellow men had indeed set foot Mars, the 'Red Planet', filled me an emotion not far short of elation. Hardly daring to believe I had read, I stumbled out of my crofter's cottage to stand and gaze up the night sky. Whichever pinpoint of light was Mars, they were, these men who been prepared if necessary to sacrifice themselves, not their families or their country, had millions before them history in the causes of freedom and justice, for mankind and the advancement of his knowledge the universe. If anyone told me that I would witness an event in my short lifetime, I would have said they were mad.


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