Answers Activity 3



a. I entirely agree with the government's ___ on free medicine for pensioners.
b. I'm feeling very stiff because I slept in a really uncomfortable ___ last night.
c. Sandra has applied for the ___ in our company that was advertised in the paper

Type the word here:


a. Stella has been ___ the business almost single-handed since her assistant left.
b. I never knew you were interested in politics and now I see you're ___ for parliament!
c. We'd better stop at a filling station soon as we're ___ out of petrol

Type the word here:


a. If you think you need a bit more exercise, why don't you ___ up tennis?
b. If you find the gadget doesn't suit your needs ___ it back to the shop.
c. I ___ it you'll be at the meeting tomorrow - it's really vital that you come.

Type the word here:


a. My school has a very ___ policy towards time-keeping and you can't be late for class.
b. Candela is a ___ vegetarian and refuses to eat meat or poultry.
c. We need a very ___ translation of the report so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

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