Answers Activity 6


1.    she's working really hard, I don't think she'll be able to catch up with the rest of the class.

2.  We can't afford to have a holiday this year   we've got an overdraft at the bank.

3.  Marina's father-in-law was a very difficult man.   she couldn't help disliking him all her life.

4.  Could we re-arrange my timetable   I don't have so many classes on a Friday afternoon?

5.  At the meeting Mrs. Wilson stuck to her guns   the fact that everybody was against her.

6.   being one of the best players, Marcelo lost the match.

7.  The restaurant chain has had a very difficult year.  , they haven't had to close any of their restaurants.

8.  I agreed to help them over the weekend I didn't feel like it.

9.  He gets a good salary   the job itself is quite monotonous.


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