Answers Activity 10

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

My wife is pretty obsessed with tidying and cleaning particularly if anybody is, um, is coming to stay, she has to clean, well, or not only to stay to tea or, or, or or, or someone is coming to, a carpenter's coming to fix some shelves, she has to clean the house from top to bottom in case he goes into that loo or in case he sees that, you know, and it gets to the stage where, you know, you can't invite anybody round because you know it's such a big deal because the whole house has got to be cleaned from top to bottom.


1. Who is he talking about?

2. What does this person's obsession involve?

3. How does this person act if someone is coming
    to visit or stay at home?

4. What's the result of it?


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