Answers Activity 11

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

In the last couple of years my brother has become a, a real sort of fitness freak, um, when we were kids he was a little bit overweight, he used to sort of think he was quite square because he had, because he used to wear glasses and you know, from a very young age and I think he's always had a bit of a complex about the way he looks, but as he's, sort of, got into his sort of late 20s, he's sort of grown into himself a little bit more and um, he's really trying to keep on top of it, he's in the gym pretty much every day, he cycles everywhere, he goes on cycling holidays unlike ten years ago he would be a couch potato, eating crisps, he's transformed himself...


1. Who is he talking about?

2. What does this person's obsession involve?

3. How did this person feel when he was a kid?

4. What's the result of it?


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