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Figures collated by Mr Moffat and supported by general experience to show that most dam failures occur either within the first few years of construction after a long uneventful period of operation. It that Britain's dams are now this stage. There is a steady upward of incidents which or may not to a major collapse, but which call immediate remedial action. If the trend continues, then we may expect an increasing number of such events and, or later, a failure. Legislation can never be perfect, and the relatively good safety record of British dams, which doubt follows from sound engineering practice and administration, might also a little to luck and an equable climate. now, failure to remedy a defective dam has been the cause of prosecution — and the penalties are very mild. Also, Mr Moffat pointed some dams have never been inspected, the statutory obligation to do so. The new Act places enforcement of its legislation in the hands of the 66 local . While it overcomes certain deficiencies in the Act it replaces, splitting responsibility so small bodies could result a standard of safety that varies widely throughout the country.


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