Answers Activity 21



A: Have you got your tickets for the concert yet?

B: Yes, I have. T of the concert, have you heard the band's new CD yet?



A: How did your interview go?

B: It went really well. It was brilliant. In other W, I got the job!



A: Could you tell us where we'll be eating?

B: As far as meals are C, breakfast and dinner will be provided by the hotel.



A: Are you going to Javier's party on Sunday?

B: No, I'm not. As a M of fact, I haven't been invited.



A: Do you prefer the city or the country?

B: On the W I prefer the city.



A: Thanks for filling me in on what I missed.

B: No problem. By the W, there's another meeting on Wednesday.



A: Can we inform our families of our destination?

B: This is top secret. That is to S, you are not to reveal anything to anyone.



A: Did you buy anything while you were in town?

B: No, I didn't take any money with me. In any C, there wasn't anything I liked.



A: How does it feel to be famous at last?

B: The attention is incredible. On the other H I also miss my privacy.



A: We're going round to my mum's on Saturday.

B: OK. At L we won't have to cook.


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