Answers Activity 26

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

INTERVIEWER: So, Fiona, can you tell me about how you started in fashion retailing?
FIONA: Yes, of course. After I finished university, I took a job with a big high street chain – I was an assistant manager. Every week you would see the sales figures for your product and then act on that by placing repeat orders or putting a new style in. It was a good grounding. However, most of the staff had been there years and I think I did make mistakes in my dealings with them – I blush now to think of my time there. I then moved on, after five years, to my present job.
INTERVIEWER: And now you're thinking of moving up the ladder. How do you see yourself in ten years' time?
FIONA: I would eventually like to be in senior management.
INTERVIEWER: Well, before you rush off to see your line manager, I think you need to work out skills you can offer emphasising your selling points, showing them what you can do. Also have you been going the extra mile to get things done or doing more than what is asked of you, recently?




How does the woman feel now about her first job in retailing?


A.    Pleased by the way she handled the staff.
B.    Confident that it gave her a good start.
C.    Relaxed about the mistakes she made.


What is the woman advised to do next?


A.    Reflect on her skills.
B.    Volunteer for extra work.
C.    Discuss her situation with her boss.

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